Re-Shingling Your Roof - Beginner Basics

Learning to repair and re-shingle your own roof can end up saving you loads of money from hiring a professional. Being exposed to the environmental elements means maintenance will surely come into play. The question is whether or not you can handle this task yourself. If you are afraid of heights, for example, you may want to consider forking over the cash to a professional. Being on top of roofs is windy and angled - certainly not the conditions for someone afraid of heights.

But if you feel you are up for the task, be sure to cover your  bases and fully understand what you are doing. After all, your home is your shelter - a solid, protective roof is a must to keep you and your loved ones safe.

First thing you'll need to do is inspect your roof to make sure it actually needs repairing. A good way to figure this out is to have a thorough eye-inspection of the course or row of singles and intently inspect each one. Applying light pressure, and noticing the shingles are starting to fall apart means you then must give it immediate replacement.

Another sign to look for are  twists and cups along the edges, as well as ripple formations found along the rows of the shingles. Also look for tabs having wider spaces in between - this is caused by adhesive failure, dulling the spots on the shingle surfaces.

Another important thing to consider is the materials you will use, as well as the tools necessary for the job.The most common type of roofing material people use is asphalt shingles, and are widely available at local and nation-wide companies (such as Lowes). Buying in bulk may be something to consider, as it will be cheaper, but you will need a place to store the extra loads.

Safety measures are of the utmost importance when trying to do your roofing by yourself. One way to ensure your safety is to let your friends, family or neighbors know what you are doing and when. That way, if something goes wrong you have somebody to come check on you to make sure you haven't fallen off the roof and injured yourself.

You also want to make sure the equipment you use isn't faulty. A nice, sturdy ladder is something you'll want to invest in. Don't try to climb up the side of your house!

Be very wary if you are working close to things like power lines. Keep you and your ladder at a safe distance from these sorts of things.

While safety is important, you also want to make sure you really know what you are doing. Visit sites like residential roofing companies Oklahoma City. Roofing in Oklahoma City OK may not be near your location, but roofing sites like this often have valuable information for beginners that you can utilize. tile roofing San Antonio TX website is also something you may want to browse through for general information.